My Soulmate Just Dumped Me! The One Move You Must Make Now

“Help! My soulmate just dumped me. What do I do now?” I cringe inside every time I read an email or see a comment on my blog that begins with those words. Life is sometimes a very challenging journey and when you’re fortunate enough to finally meet the person you deem as your soul’s partner, it’s hard not to feel completely and utterly devastated once that relationship ends. You don’t know which way is left and which is right, you don’t care if you eat or sleep and life as you knew and loved it stops. It’s hard to see beyond the pain towards any promise at all. But there is hope.

Being dumped is, without question, one of the most devastating experiences any individual can go through. It becomes even more challenging if you’re still desperately in love with the person who just broke your heart. You may have thought the relationship was going along really well but to them, there were obviously some very serious issues. Those issues bothered them enough that they thought the drastic step of ending the relationship was warranted. As hard as it is you need to take a step back from what you’re feeling and try and consider what your soul mate was feeling before they decided to split with you. Were you two having problems? Did you argue continuously or was there pressure from either of you to commit to something more serious before the other was ready to take that step? If you do feel that there was an underlying problem that contributed to your ex deciding to pull the plug on the relationship, you need to address it before you two can move on.

The One Thing You MUST Do After Your Soul Mate Breaks Up With You

That’s why the one move you must make after being dumped by your soul mate is to apologize to them. I realize that right now that may seem like a foreign concept given the fact that your soul mate was the one who dumped you. You believe they should be apologizing to you, right? You’re more than justified in feeling that. However, you have to set the tone of the next part of your relationship and by apologizing for your behavior pre-break up, you’ll be doing just that. You’ll be helping your ex and you both put the past in the past so you can move forward towards a calmer future that isn’t riddled with all the negativity of the break up.

The apology in question shouldn’t be full of fan fare. It needs to be very simple and quiet. You also don’t need to lure your ex to see you in order to deliver this apology. Do it by phone and if that’s not possible, send an email simply saying that you’re sorry for what happened and you wish your ex lover nothing but the best as they move forward in their lives. That’s it! Please don’t wander of course by suggesting what you two can do right now to fix things and get back together. Your ex doesn’t want and doesn’t need to hear or read those thoughts at the moment.

Once you’ve taken the apology step it’s time to stop contacting your ex for awhile. My suggestion is always the same – give it three or four weeks. I know that right now that feels like an eternity but it’s essential if you’re intent on doing what is needed to get a second chance. Once enough time has passed, call your ex and see how they are. Let them set the pace for the conversation and the relationship as you two move forward. If they’re not open to talking yet, give it more time. Just know that in time, your ex is going to see that you’re a strong and compassionate person who gave them the space they needed.

There is a guaranteed way to get your soul mate to love you again. True love is very hard to find, please don’t allow it to slip away from you forever.


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